Wednesday, June 24, 2009



I have been neglecting our blog. I'm going to try to keep us going again. Summer is here once again, and how fast it has come. In the past few months.. Luke had graduation from Miss. Tina's Preschool. Which was awesome she does, great things with the kids. They learn so much from her it amazing. Luke is now going into Kindergarten this fall. Emilee is in her last few weeks of school, and she is ready to be done. Jacob is crazy as always....he follows his brother's lead. There are all so excited for summer vacation this year. As most of you know we our going on a cruise. Down to the Caribbean- this is a Christmas present from my parents. 10 days of fun in the sun. We all can't wait..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is Busy

Wow..........I don't know even where to start. I guess I will start with Emilee- wow she is having a blast playing softball. And she's really good they usually play her at shortstop but she loves playing catcher. Go figure- the only thing I can think of is, she has action at every play. She's a very talented batter, just ask her little brother Jacob who is living proof. Yep, Jacob's nose was the product of how great a hitter Emilee is. She was practicing off the tee when she accidently hit Ja in the nose. Amazing he did not cry he was so worried about his blood, there was a lot of it. I didn't know if it was his mouth or his nose. Stinks foe him that it was his nose, poor kidit would have to be his nose. I ran him to Urgent Care and two x-ray's later a major bruise but not broken. Rod insisted that I take pictures- he said " it's cool he will be so proud when he gets older." It must be a guy thing. That weekend when we were out and bout you should of seen the looks we got. But no one asked. Now it hs been just about three weeks and, there is hardly any brusing left. He is such a trooper. Luke just turned five I can't beleive it- he will start school this August. Had to take him for his school immunizations no fun 5 later. I had to hold the poor kid down, it was so sad he kicked and screamed. But now he's ready for kindergaden round up. Two in school the time goes way to fast. Now if I can figure out how to put pic's on the new computer- I can upload the pic's of Jacob's nose.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's been a BUSY week for us, on Monday Jacob had to go have bloood work done for his procedure on Thursday. They got it on the first try, we were all glad for that. Tuesday was back to school and work, as you know I work at Mojave there is always something CRAZY never a dull moment. Wednesday we had to go pre-register Ja that was fun I had to go after school, with all three kids loads of fun. I love my children but taking them to a hospital for any period of time is no fun. Then we ran around getting the two older kids ready for school and daycare it was aalomost midnight before I got to bed. Then it was already 5am we had to be at the hospital at 6:30. It wasn't too horrible until they had to pull Ja from my hand, to take him to the OR. He cried until we couldn't hear him anymore. They went through his little nose down to him lungs and had to make sure that the famous bead was not there. There was no bead thank goodness for us, we were so happy. He had such a hard time waking up, but I suppose that is to be expected. He came home and we all feel asleep until it was time to get Emilee from school. Finally on Saturday rod and I got to do our Valentines Day after softball practice. We went to the Rebel Game against BYU love BYU but support the home town team. After UNLV beat BYU in a sweap we went to dinner, it was so nice to get out just the two of us. Although Rod left his cell phone at home and Em called us 4-5 times nd figured out how to text. I think we had 8 text messages from her. But it was still really nice.